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18 December 2015

Storm Surge Simulation Tests Local Disaster Response

22 November 2015

Major Emergency Management Course and Command and Control Competency Assessment.

30 October 2015

Emergency Management System (OEMS) throughout all regions of Mexico.


International Emergency Response System - Provided free of charge (for non-commercial use) as a community service. Please note that technical support is not provided for this product.

Practical Guide to Emergency Management and Command and Control in the Oil and Gas Industry (with Installation Manager Assessment Supplement)


Compatable with: Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME, NT, XP and Vista*

System Capabilities
Download (100% free)

SYSTEM CAPABILITIES: Immediate Emergency Assistance

  • Detailed Responses to 3848 United Nations Approved Hazardous Materials
  • Potential Hazards Information (Health and Fire or Explosion)
  • Public Safety Information (Protective Clothing - Evacuation)
  • Emergency Response Information (Fire - Spill or Leak - First Aid)
  • Initial Isolation Distances (By day and night)
  • Water Reactive Materials Information (Toxic Vapour Produced)

Additional Features
  • View Maps and Graphics Images
  • Powerful Search Engine and Print Capability
  • Databases to Manage Internal Incident Reports and Regulatory Notifications
  • View Available Responders, and Hazardous Materials Training Databases
  • Immediate Access to International Emergency Response Telephone Numbers
  • Built in Viewer for Reviewing Safety Labels (Diamonds)
  • And Much More

When conducting a simulation, realism is paramount, which is why developed El Simulador in both English and Spanish. With the push of a button the assessor can easily generate specific alarms and events, subject to the performance of the Emergency Manager and his team inside the simulated Emergency Operations Centre. With 200 different sounds, messages and control inputs, the assessor can control the intensity and severity of the simulation. As El Simulador also records the time and type of each generated event, post simulation analysis becomes even easier. With the additional ability to view and print installation images, the assessor and each person providing input into the simulation can view the actual location of the emergency as if they were actually there and, if required, adapt the scenario mid stream.